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Lili Fisher was born in Buenos Aires. She lives and creates in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lili studied art at Haifa University (2012) and in an individual program at Midrasha LeOmanut - Beit Berl School of Arts (1999 - 2003). As an immigrant, she deals with questions of identity. Her artwork reflects the relationship between place, locality and her personal foreignness. Her work is figurative with expressive influences. She creates large canvases with shoe polish, divided into frames like movie scenes, as well as small and intimate pieces. Her subjects range from the personal to the collective, with influences of social realism and pop culture.



2011-2012: Art Studies, Haifa University (Haifa, Israel)

1999-2003: Individual Program, Midrasha LeOmanut (Beit Berl School of Arts, Israel)

1991: Education studies, Tel –Aviv University (M.A.) (Tel-Aviv, Israel)


solo exhibitions

2022: "Blurred Edges", Artists' House, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Irit Barel-Bassan

2021: "Story Rifts", Nulobaz Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Asaf Rahat

2018: "Wolf Wolf", Artspace, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Nir Harmat

2016: "18 Partings from a Living Dad" - Artists'  House, Tel Aviv

2012: "Grease" – Artists' House, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Tali Cohen-Garbuz.

selected group exhibitions

2020: "Home Secrets Within the Walls", Be'eri Gallery. Curator: Ziva Jellin. 

2020: "Dissidents #1", 9 Rotchshild, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Ori Drummer. 

2020: "Day Dreaming", Artspace, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Danielle Tzadka Cohen

2019: "Sheva Group", Zuzu Gallery, Emek Chefer. Curator: Rotem Ritov

2017: "Artist's Wall", Artspace, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Dalia Danon. 

2017: "The Child Within", Cuckoo's Nest Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Keren Segal.

2017: "Family Affair" - Azul Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Hanita Elizor

2016: "Map of the New Art" – Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio 

           Maggiore, Venice 

2016: "Belonging" – Rishon LeZion Museum. Curator: Carmel Gofer

2016: "Getting the Words Out" – Rishon LeZion Open Gallery. Curator: Shirel Safra

2016:  The Rubelle and Norman Schfler . The Art of Humanity at The Pratt Institute  

2016: "Iran Iran" – Kaay Institute, Beer Sheva. Curator: Nir Harmat

2014: "Etching" – Artist Workshop, New-Haven, Connecticut, USA

2013: "Black White" – Beit HaOmanim Modiin-Macabim-Reut. Curator: Gabi Yair

2011: "The Inner Space" – Gross Gallery, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Maya Cohen-Levy

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